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Shailly Srivastava


It is a very good tool for assessing the students, for identifying their strong and weak areas. A student is able to understand his weak and strong areas and can work on them to get the better result.

Sangeeta Banerjee


This particular program is a very strategically, scientifically structured program where every child who has taken this test gets a wonderful overview of his personal strengths and weaknesses.

Manjit Batra


Children who appeared for the TargetPlus diagnostic test of class 10, I feel their performance improved. Children know exactly where they have to work and how to improve their performance.



In biology we are Number 1 (in the country) and somewhere the test (TargetPlus) really helped the children and the teachers. I found TargetPlus to be very very good for the students.

Prema Subramaniam


Target Plus Diagnostic Mock Test Program is a wonderful program. Children were very happy with the way it was conducted and the questions that had appeared in the paper.

Sunita Dwivedi


In TargetPlus, it was pin-pointed topic-wise and chapter-wise how the children can improve in a particular area. That was a plus point. So teachers got insight on where to focus.

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