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Service Education

GLOBAL DREAM LITERACY Leave No One Behind Campaign for Literacy

  •  Service Learning provides real world learning experiences according to research, is an important predictor of academic outcome including.
  • Student attachment to school, school engagement and motivation to learn.
  • During summer vacation itself, children can learn more life skills than in their 12-14 years of schooling.
  • Using the innovative Global Dream Toolkits literacy is just 1 month away.
  • Initially piloted in Lucknow’s 150 schools in the summer of 2014, the campaign has gone nationwide
  • The Global Dream Toolkit is now available in 13 Indian languages and a free mobile APP

We invite schools to join hands in this meaningful mission.


  •  When business as usual is not enough
  • When education needs major reform
  • When you want to be part of the change process so urgently needed
  • When you have an innovative idea for change or have already been implementing change

“We need a metamorphosis in education… From a caterpillar, a butterfly must emerge.”

The Global Classroom Difference

  • Started by educators
  • Shaped in real classrooms
  • Guided by vision
  • Grounded in worldwide research and evidence
  • Informed by study of education in 38 countries

Why Global Classroom? Global Classroom has the most important agenda of all:

  • Transformation of education.
  • Transformation must be real and measurable in both qualitative and quantitative terms.
  • No other curriculum guarantees improvement

“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Albert Einstein
Global Classroom does things differently and it does different things.

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