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Maxim All Subject Books

Maxim covers English, Math, Hindi, SSS and Computer seamlessly, arranging every learning goals. No other textbooks are needed.

There are 6 books for every subject (*5 subjects), that is, 30 books / child / year. Each book is a combined textbook, workbook and teacher guide.


Maxim assissments are objective, balanced made by skilled content developers.

Compete With Yourself (CWY) Assessments focus on learning, improvement and progress.

Personal development plans and on-going self-analysis help every child improve.

Parents appreciate getting detailed information on their child's strengths and areas needing improvement.PTM's become the forum for sharing the details with the parents. Parent become better informed partners in their child's learniing.


Constructive, Diagnostic reporting builds confidence and provides a personal plan of action for every child.


The assembly is a time for inspiring and preparing the child for the day. The assembly songs are meaningfull and add a lot of fun through the different actions.


This internationally recognized communicator unites the home, the classroom and student insight. It places teachers, students and parents on the same page. A way of all three to connect daily.


These role plays are colourful, fun and stimulating to young minds. They provide an outlet for their imagination, while learning positive character qualities in real life situations.